Best Magazines That Kids Shouldn’t Miss

The Importance of Kids Magazines:

Learning how to read is an essential thing in every child’s life. Making children to read magazines can improve their reading skill as well as their communicating ability. Magazines are the funny, colorful and attractive way to make children develop their reading habit. A recent study proved that children always prefer printed magazine than an online material since it is more attractive and interactive. A recent research showed that reading from printed material helps people in understanding high-level concepts than just remembering the facts that we read online. Children need time to think what they consume; magazines can make them develop their ideas and can make them more innovative.


Here is a list of the Best Magazines for Kids,

#1 National Geographic Little Kids:

This magazine was published by National Geographic Partners. National Geographic Little kids magazine has stories about animals, archaeology, Technology, games and many other activities. This is a magazine for children from 3 to 6 years old.

#2 Chirp:

Chirp magazine is published by Owlkids. This magazine has all the things which can make kids more innovative, like Crafts, puzzles, fictions, etc. This magazine is also for kids from the age of 3 to 6.

#3 SI Kids:

This is for kids who are 8 years and above. This magazine is all about developing the knowledge about sports among children. This has things like child reporters, player’s interview and much more.

#4 Time for Kids:

It is the eight-page magazine filled up with all the national news, which can develop the general knowledge of the children. This is for the kids above 6 years. The noticeable part of Time for Kids is a puzzle game “Don’t Quote Me” which has won many awards.

#5 Humpty Dumpty:

This magazine is for kids from 5 to 7 years old. Humpty Dumpty Kids magazine is a compilation of poems, stories, games and etc.  This is considered as one of the oldest Kids magazines since it was published 60 years ago. An outstanding thing about this magazine is, it has the many healthy recipes which a kid can make by themselves or with the help of adults. This can promote a healthy eating habit within the kid.

These are some of the best magazines that kids should never miss. The entertain kids as well as help them in mastering the language. So if you have kids at home, gift them these books and see them having absolute fun along with learning.