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How Magazines Influence the Body Image of an Individual?

What Is Body Image?

Body Image is the term that mentions a person’s perception of the attractiveness of their own physical appearance and the outcome from that perception. The outcome can be positive or negative which is completely based on the individual and the environmental factors. A person’s perception of their appearance doesn’t always coincide with their actual appearance. The way you feel about your outlook is your affective body image, which is the combination of the ratio of the satisfaction and dissatisfaction you feel about your body shape. Body image can create a wide range of physical and psychological effects within a person.

body image

How Magazines Affect The Body Image?

A study says that 80% of women become anxious when they see pictures of other women on television and magazines.  According to social comparison theory, an individual will always compare him/herself with others. If the comparison has a superior result, then it creates a positive emotional state. If the result is inferior, then it totally leads to depression, decreased self-confidence and fury. When all the focus falls on how magazines influence the body image of the girls, studies show that even men are affected by the magazine images as well. When the peer burden comes along with the media brainwash, it becomes tough to stay balanced in the world that humiliates others for their outlook. Today’s teens do everything that’s possible to look like the models on the magazine covers. They starve, reduce weight and become skinny. This has become an obsession for the youngsters today.


One must not allow media to influence the impression on their physical appearance. Most of the media nowadays introduce fit/skinny models by thinking that this may attract and make people buy a particular product. As an outcome of these kinds of advertisements by media, physical as well as mental stress is created within both men and women. Unless we understand the reality behind these things, a large number of people will undergo all these agonies. Our body image defines who we are and the uniqueness within us. Each and every person has their own definition of body image that describes them as beautiful/handsome. The body we have now is our identity and we must not lose our self to look like someone else.  It is not necessary to look like a model to be attractive. All of us are unique in some way or the other and that’s what makes us unique.