Top magazines for women.

There are plenty of women’s magazines out there, and sometimes you might be confused to choose which one to pick. All the magazines have attractive cover pages and interesting stories and to make things easy for you we have compiled some of the top women’s magazines for you.


Elle has always been one of the best women’s magazines in the world. It is a lifestyle magazine and has its primary focus on fashion, beauty, women’s health and other entertainment. Pierre Lazareff and his wife founded the magazine in the year 1945. It is a worldwide magazine and has about 43 editions in more than 60 countries in the world. The median age of the readers of this magazine is about 34.7 and about half of them are single. The first international edition was launched in Japan in the year 1969, and then it was launched in the U.K, and in the U.S. The magazine is currently owned by the Lagardère Group, and they have their headquarters in Paris.


Cosmopolitan is another famous international fashion magazine for women. It was published in the year 1886 in the USA. It was first published as a family magazine, but it eventually turned into a women’s magazine. It is popularly known as the cosmo, and the magazine has articles about relationships, sex, health, celebrities, beauty, fashion, career, woman issues etc. Their magazines are printed in about 35 languages, and there are about 64 international editors.


Vogue is yet another fashion and lifestyle magazine for women. They have topics such as fashion, beauty, runway, living etc. The magazine first started out as a weekly newspaper in the USA in the year 1892, and it later became a monthly magazine publication. The first international edition was launched in the UK in the year 1916, and as of today, there are about 23 editions.


Women’s health:

As the name suggests, the magazine focuses on the health of women. There are articles about fitness, nutrition, lifestyle, sex life etc. Women’s health has about 13 international editors, and it reaches over 8 million readers globally. Women are quite particular about how they look, and this is a brilliant magazine which has many fitness tips and other articles about staying healthy.

Vanity Fair:

Vanity Fair is more of a cultural magazine mixed with fashion and current affairs. The magazine has been published since the year 1983. The magazine has about five international editions. The current editor of the magazine is Radhika Jones who happens to be a brilliant editor. She took the role of Graydon Carter after his retirement.

Harper’s Bazaar:

Harper’s Bazaar is an American fashion magazine, and it was first published in the year 1867. They have some of the best articles about fashion, art, beauty, culture and health. The current editor is Glenda Bailey, and their magazine is published in about 32 countries.