The 5 Most Elite Fashion Magazines in the World

Fashion changes each and every day, but the style is always constant and, in a world, where this statement is profoundly true, especially in Europe, it needs to be guided, edited and indulged in.

When it comes to some of the best fashion magazines in the world, there is a sense of stigma that goes along with buying one.

That girl’s one trend.

Why? It’s all due to the magazine serving as a guidebook with the seasons latest trends, advice from the elite fashion editors and creators, as well as keeping us on track with new designers, how technology has changed the way we advertise and sell clothes.

The role of a fashion magazine is to create a selected group of opinions regarding fashion and putting it together as one.

While magazines have been considered to be out of date and not even relevant in some cases as everything can be read or found online, there is still a touch of elegance that comes with buying one. This is true for those who are especially in the fashion industry as well.

Indulge in 5 of the Best Fashion Magazines of 2018


As yet another A-list magazine and described all around the world as the leading fashion magazine, Elle was founded in 1945 by Pierre Lazareff and Helen Gordon. It is not only considered a fashion magazine, but a lifestyle magazine and sells millions of copies worldwide. Different to Vogue, although a serious fashion magazine, it also focuses on more than fashion and celebrates women every day. The magazine gets sold in 60 different countries and has a total of 43 international editions.


Ah, the best of the best in fashion. Thanks to the marvellous editor, Anna Wintour. With a total of 23 international regional edits a month in different countries all around the world, there is a reason for its ever-growing success. Showcasing the best designers, their new collections, keeping us up to date with all fashion weeks around the world, as well as work that is shot by the best photographers to the best models. Vogue sells over 11 million copies in the U.S. alone and around the world, a total of 13 million copies.


Referred to as a women’s magazine and created by Condé Nast Publications, Glamour is yet another favourite magazine loved by women worldwide. It was founded in 1939 and sells up to 30 million copies in 18 different countries. Its editor is Samantha Barry, who makes sure the magazine serves all women globally. The magazine has also received various nominations, one such is the GLAAD media award for an outstanding magazine.


Who could forget the European-styled magazine which also ends up being published all over the world but is a definite favourite in the fashion capitals of Europe. The number one thing that distinguishes this magazine from the rest is the fact that it gets published and sold weekly, which kind of means it serves like some sort of fashion newspaper, keeping you on trend with all the latest news.


Marie Claire

As a monthly published magazine that was found in France in 1937, this magazine has had enormous success and is published in 35 countries in various different language. While serving the same standard of fashion all around the world, it stays true to different cultures and serves as a global leading fashion magazine.