How Do Online Magazines Make Money?

Digital versions of magazines have become a source of revenue for magazine publishers as digital editions are much easier to publish. Planning to start a digital magazine? The following are some of the ways you can make money as a publisher with online magazines:

Print Subscriptions:

One of the best ways to make money from digital editions for print publications is to include them in subscription offers. Subscriptions make up most of the revenue and thus when you sell digital access you can increase your margin and appeal to a mobile audience.

Single issues and in-app purchases:

As a publisher, you can make money by selling directly to your customer. You can consider selling single issues directly to your customers on Google Play, Apple’s App Store with in-app purchases. When you are planning to make money out of in-app purchases you need to invest in campaigns which will attract people to download your app.

Apart from attracting your readers with various advertisements, one of the other ways to make people download your app is through sampling. People often will want to know the quality of the content before they purchase the magazine. In such cases, offering them a single free issue will make them consider making purchases in the future.

You can also give out coupons, make the user download their free issues from your archives or even have a voucher code which the user can redeem and get the latest issue.

In-app advertising:

If your revenue is not circulation based, then you need in-app advertising. It is said that the revenue to marketing through digital magazines is supposed to grow and make billions of dollars. You need a significant amount of traffic to make money when it comes to in-app purchases. You can advertise directly through your ad server in the form of interstitial ads, banner ads, links to advertiser’s website etc.

The above digital revenue models are sure to make you money. With digital magazines, the publishers can generate more revenue, and they can also be in constant touch with their readers.


Creating an app to gain readers:

People these days look out for an app for everything these days. In the digital world, you need to publish your magazine and distribute it online. When you convince your readers to download your app, it is more like the readers having a print magazine in their hands. If you want to increase magazine circulation, you need to create an app and make your readers to download the app.

However, you might end up making some costly mistakes while distributing magazines online if you do not plan and execute the distribution properly. The commissions of selling on the app store can be pretty high and thus make sure that you find out about the different ways you can distribute your magazines to your readers.