DCEU needs to go back to the comics

Marvel has gone from being a small player in Hollywood to become a global Juggernaut. The truth of the matter is that Marvel Cinematic Universe has done a far better job of transferring the essence of beloved comic book characters on to the silver screen. But in all honesty; DC should have been ruling the world. If you were to ask someone to name a superhero from any part of the world; they will turn around and say either “Superman” or “Batman”; this is a very important point that we will explore further in the core of the article. With that being said, why is that the Marvel Cinematic Universe doing a far better job at the box office than the much-maligned DC Extended Universe? Well, we have discussed the major reason as to why there is such a gulf in class between the two universes when DC clearly has the upper hand in comics.

The biggest issue that Marvel had to overcome was the fact that most of the character didn’t belong to one studio, as they had to sell the character rights of a multitude of famous Marvel characters to different studios due to bankruptcy. But they have somehow managed to make Iron Man and Thor look much better on the silver screen than Superman, who happens to be a much more beloved character. The simple reason is that Marvel played this perfectly by investing minor characters to develop through all their movies and added substantial weight to the star characters by turning to the comics. But the DC extended universe always looks disjointed or far from the stories that comic book fans grew up reading. The fact of the matter is that Warner Brothers owned the rights to all the DC characters and could have built a fluid and well-established universe from the nineties if they had just been more invested in the genre. Now they trail the Marvel Cinematic Universe who is starting to acquire the character rights back from the external studios, and DC Extended Universe is trying to match up with the MCU in too short a period of time. But their biggest downfall is down to their reluctance to add substantial meat to the character development through referencing the original source material.


The Dark Knight movie which was directed by Christopher Nolan is still the finest comic book movie ever to be made. Warner Brother really had the best chance to grow the DC Extended Universe right from there, but they let their advantage slip once again. The DC comics have always been far superior when it comes to the comics, but these stories are never explored in the big screen and this in itself produces a lot of resentment to comic book fans. The only solution right now is to accept defeat and try to set things right by following in the footsteps of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.