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Best Wireless Earphones of 2018


Beginning with the Apple AirPods in 2016 that stormed markets across the globe and had buyers go into a frenzy to purchase them, the technology and design surrounding wireless earphones has been amped to produce some of the most stunning designs that could easily beat your best bet. The best of the best, fashioned with immense technical prowess, designed to delight and created for comfort, the following list mentions the best wireless earphones that came in the markets in 2018 and have since driven people crazy into purchasing those and adding them to the list of their gadget accessories. Read on and you’ll find out what your next pair of earphones should be.

  • Jaybird x3 Sport – This earphone made it into the list of the best as soon as it was released simply because of the company and how it strives for perfection. The latest design features a revamped sweat proof upgradation that is ideal for when you want to hit the gym. Silicone ear fins that attach securely to you ear, better sound, an eight hour battery life that lets you listen to you music in peace and an all new and improved design that optimises on comfort, these earphones are perfect in every way. The best quality, design and comfort along with a noise cancelling feature that doesn’t disrupt you from external cacophony, these earphones come with a pouch so that you can keep them safe and tangle free. There you have your reasons to buy these now.
  • Bose SoundSport – A dark, classic black or a bright, aqua blue, the new Bose SoundSport comes in two different colours and are the earphones that you have been dreaming of. While Bose does what it is best at, making audio equipment, this new product lives up to it. Excellent sound and with it’s trademark noise cancellation feature, these earphones are beautifully crafted to suit the comfort of your ear and thus are meant for use for long stretches of time. With a six hour battery life that is designed perfectly to meet your workout schedule, these earphones have an added feature as they enable you to make calls. Quite the steal deal, they may be tad pricey but excellent quality comes with a price.
  • SENSO Bluetooth Headphones – With a minimalistic black and red design that sets these earphones apart from the rest, SENSO has brought forward the most budget friendly and best value for money earphones that people at large are opting for. Boasting of an eight hour battery life, a solid bass and good sound, the sound quality is decent. While there are three different sizes of ear tips to best suit your comfort and a carrying case that keeps it from being tangled, the earphones have soft textured flexible ear clips on both sides to make sure that they fit right. A unique added feature is they come with a car charger that makes it easy for you to pop these beauties off to charge. Approved for your high intensity workouts with their IPX7 rating, these earphones are good all the way through and can be bought without burning a hole in your pocket.


  • Anker SoundBuds Slim+ – A hooked design that gives you a secure and comfortable fit while going about every activity or simply relaxing, these Anker SoundBuds are a new and well designed and created product that people have just begun to know of. Light and water resistant, it repels sweat during a workout which keeps them from slipping or falling out of your ears. A decent seven hour battery that provides with ample time to listen to music between charges, these earphones have an excellent sound. A booming bass and a secure fit that keeps the background noise from distracting your music, these earphones come at a price. However, do not let that deter you because they come with an 18 month warranty which gives you enough leeway. You wouldn’t want to trade these earphones for anything else at all.
  • HearFuse True Wireless EarBuds – Claimed to be the smallest wireless earbuds, they come with superior technology and a design that surpasses all. While noise cancellation is one of it’s many features, the others include five hours of music playback and a whopping 120 hours of standby. While it may seem like a small and negligible design, don’t let the size fool you as that is one of it’s best features. Fitting right in your ear without any fuss, the earphones allow you to answer calls, play or pause music with just a single tap. Coupled with the latest technology, it allows two people to use the earphones at the same time. This perfection also entails that they are sweat proof, so rigorous workout schedules do not disturb it’s operation. Although the process of charging it through a USB connector may seem finicky, don’t let that stop you from being a pice of audio equipment that has been revolutionised and is in sync with the times.
  • Beats X – The genius of Beats and the creativity of Apple came together to create the Beats X earphones that are a must buy. Designed to perfection, it is created with a neckband which is called the Flex Form Cable that makes the earphones easily operable as they are malleable, durable and weigh very little. The earbuds are a technological innovation in themselves as they come with magnets that allows them to be stuck together that eases their storage and enables you to wear them around your neck for ease. Easily paired with Apple devices due to it’s low power W1 chip, if you have Apple products, then this is the earphone that you have to buy. Providing an intense and booming base and a great sound that makes listening to music interesting, these earphones come with an eight hour battery life that gives you plenty of time to workout, relax or do as you please without worrying about the battery dying. And even if that eventuality occurs, the lightening cable gives you two hours worth of playback within five minutes of plugging it in. This is Beats’ way of creating innovation and making it one of the best players in the market.